About us

Stim Real Estate has been present in the area since 1977, therefore it has a profound knowledge of the market and can help you determine the right price for your property, analyzing market trends and comparing your property with similar ones in the area, to establish a realistic and competitive price.

We have the well-founded presumption of believing that the price identified by us is the true sales price.

By entrusting your property to our agency you will be able to count on a vast range of marketing tools to promote its sale: advertisements, professional photographic services also through the use of drones, social media, e-mail marketing, signage, and advertisements on the main sites web to reach a wider audience in Italy and beyond national borders.

Collaboration with professionals in the sector, such as notaries, lawyers, accountants, surveyors, engineers or architects, allows us to "cover" all legal and bureaucratic aspects, such as drafting and reviewing contracts, verifying compliance with local laws and national, and the management of any necessary permits or licenses, making your transactions safer.

Our network is made up of personal contacts acquired with individuals we interact with every day and/or in real time, facilitating the search for potential buyers or tenants and promoting properties effectively.

We don't stop at the conclusion of the negotiation, you will also have our support in the post-purchase or post-leasing phase.


Roberto Grasso is the key figure of Immobiliare Stim. His academic education began with the achievement of a classical high school diploma, followed by a degree from the prestigious "Cesare Alfieri" School of Political Sciences in Florence in 1976.

In 1977, after an initial work experience in Bologna and Milan, he returned to Perugia and created, together with Sergio Rossetti and Bruno Biagiotti, "Immobiliare Stim sas" after having obtained the qualification as a "Business agent in real estate brokerage ”. He was subsequently enrolled in the "Role of experts and experts of the Perugia Chamber of Commerce" in the "Building construction and mediation" section.

Stim was not only the first real estate agency in Perugia, but it represented a real turning point in the way of conceiving real estate brokerage in the city, laying the foundations for what it would become, also thanks to the figure by Bruno Biagiotti for years President of the College of Real Estate Agents, a truly professional job.

Roberto Grasso, thanks to his profound knowledge of the sector, his solid professional knowledge and his ability to competently evaluate and mediate real estate properties, is today the professional with the most proven experience.

Since 2023 he has been a partner of "Immobiliare Stim snc" together with Simone Picchio, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the agency, always with an eye towards innovation and excellence in customer service.


Born in Perugia, his education began with the achievement of a scientific high school diploma followed by a degree in Law in 2010 at the University of Perugia. This path allowed him to acquire a solid understanding of the regulations and legal dynamics that also regulate the real estate market.

In 2013, Simone achieved another important professional milestone, obtaining the qualification to practice as a lawyer.

His passion for the real estate sector led him, in 2018, to also obtain the qualification as "Business agent in real estate brokerage". This further step marked the beginning of his career in the sector, allowing him to combine his legal expertise with real estate brokerage, thus offering a complete and highly qualified service to clients.

Since 2023, Simone Picchio has been a partner of "Immobiliare Stim snc" together with Roberto Grasso. This bond represents the union between tradition and innovation, where Roberto's experience merges with Simone's fresh and dynamic approach, creating a unique synergy of its kind.

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