Stim Real Estate of Perugia deals with the purchase, sale and rental of residential, office and commercial properties, such as houses, apartments, villas, farmhouses, shops, offices, industrial buildings, particularly valuable properties and historic buildings.

We offer complete support to our customers throughout the process of buying and selling a property, from the initial phase of the idea of selling or buying up to the finalization of the notarial contract. We take care of all bureaucratic, contractual and commercial issues relating to the real estate transaction.

When renting a property, we are particularly careful in finding reliable tenants with an assessment of their solvency. We then directly follow the preparation, registration and management of contracts and relationships between owner and tenant.

The Stim real estate agency in Perugia collaborates with highly qualified professionals such as notaries, lawyers, accountants, surveyors and high-level architects to ensure a complete real estate consultancy service.

  • Evaluation of the property: we carry out a free inspection to verify the cadastral/urban planning compliance of the property, we collect all the useful elements such as the state of the systems, fixtures, bathrooms, floors, finishes, etc. and we compare the property with similar ones in the area. We thus guarantee an accurate evaluation of the property and an estimate of its value to establish a realistic and competitive price.
  • Appraisals: We are authoritative members of the "Appraisers and Experts" category of the Perugia Chamber of Commerce and as such we have been dealing with real estate appraisals for over 40 years. Our experience in this sector, the evaluation tools in our possession and the contribution of our team of professionals make us particularly reliable.
  • Documentation management and legal compliance: we take care of all legal and administrative elements, such as drafting and analyzing contracts, verifying compliance with local and national laws, as well as managing any required authorizations or licenses. We assure you that all legal aspects are managed correctly thanks to the collaboration that our agency in Perugia has had for years with the best professionals in the sector to guarantee the perfect success of the purchase, sale or rental negotiation.
  • Marketing and visibility: we offer a wide range of marketing tools to promote and facilitate the sale or rental of your property. We use advertisements, professional photography services including through the use of drones, social media promotion, email marketing, signage, advertisements on multiple websites, all in order to reach a wider audience and increase sales opportunities or rent. You will also not have to worry about organizing the internal and external spaces of your property as we will take care of enhancing them and improving their aesthetic appearance thanks to the home staging service Furthermore, Immobiliare Stim is able to increase the possibilities of offers through an updated database of customers in the local and national context. By relying on Immobiliare Stim you will be completely relieved of any problem.
  • Post-sales and post-rental support: After completing the sale or rental, we continue to be available to our customers for any need, providing support and advice throughout the subsequent period. Our goal is to guarantee the long-term satisfaction of our customers, maintaining a long-lasting relationship of trust and offering continuous support even after the conclusion of the real estate transaction.
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